It was the first day of school for Toby but wasn't why he was swearing. He called Annika a motherfucker. Annika still winced everytime she heard the word. It was shocking to hear an eight year old swear with such rage.Even though she was the one who taught him the word. The truth was Annika had never wanted to be a mother.Certainly not a mother to her sister's kid. Annika had enjoyed three things drinking, swearing and acting. She did a lot less since Toby came along.

" Toby just eat your yougurt" Annika muttered

" I know you hide my fucking pills in the yougurt" Toby said

" Take them out. Swollow them with a shot of water. I don't care" Annika said

Toby didn't surprise her he stirred around his yougurt and promptly gave in. He started humming the Jaws theme loudly the gobbling up the yougurt loudly.

Annika learned not her role her eyes or laugh she just gave a sudtle smirk. Toby didn't like getting laughed at. Children could be so cruel. Especially the older ones. But Toby had manged to meet a good group of boys his age. They didn't care that Toby refused to wear underwear or socks. They didn't care that he had to be brushed every two hours. He was the boy who got away with almost anything.

The End

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