Pre Party

Pre Party


"Do you ever wonder what your real parents are like?" My friend Michelle asked as she applied her pink lipstick to her full lips. Her blond locks fell down covering her bare back where the opening of her black fitted top was.

"No not really, I never had a need to. Why would I when I got parents like I have now?" She shrugged and nodded her head and continued perfecting her make-up. "You look gorgeous, now will you hurry up." I complained. Tonight we were hitting the town. It was New Years Eve and we had come to New York City to celebrate. Our other friends were getting started with their celebrations next door, we could hear their loud cheers.

She pouted her lips and slipped on her silver heels. I stood up and gripped my red clutch bag. I stood in front of the mirror, giving myself the once over. I smiled wondering what state I would look in the morning. Then I looked at my red paten shoes and knew that they would be swinging from my fingers in about two hours time. But, hey, no one said looking good came easy, especially for women. My black dress was fitted to just up above my knee. I had wrapped a red belt just under my chest to break the black. My long dark hair was curled loosely. I knew that would not last long, my hair was naturally poker straight.

"I wonder, could I ever borrow your eye's? It just not fair. God must have been in a good mood when he created you because firstly, you get the most beautiful big ocean blue eye's I have ever seen in my life and then your eyelashes are tipping your eyebrows and they are not even fake." I rolled my eye's at my friend as she stared at me. She always went on and on about my eye's. I knew she loved my eyelashes, she never let me go out without telling me how jealous she was.

"Obviously, they are not fake. Encase you do not remember you established that point when you almost pulled them off last year." I laughed as I pushed her out the door. We met our friends in the corridor. My sister came up behind me digging her finger into my ribs. She wrapped her hand around my shoulder almost taking me to the floor. "Wow, someone gets drunk fast." I laughed removing her hand from around my shoulder.

"We are hitting the town with a bang tonight, sis." She held up her hand in the air and everyone cheered. "I am going out to find myself a man." She laughed, but I knew she was dead serious. I just laughed at her, nothing was going to stop her tonight, she was on a hunt and that meant she would trample anyone who got in her way. "What about you? You gonna bring home a man and show him a good time." She smiled.

"I am perfectly ok the way I am, thank you very much." I laughed.

"Wh...Whatever?" She slurred as she walked ahead of me. Someone can't handle their alcohol.

"So, how's about we go and get polluted, then we grip on to some guy who is going to buy us more drink." Michelle linked her arm into mine.

"Sounds good to me." I agreed as we exited the hotel.

"Holy Christ, I should have worn thermals." I heard one of the girls shout behind me as the cold air hit us. My teeth shattered and a shiver crept down my back. I slipped my arms into my black coat which had been swinging over arm.

"Hope you wore your Bridget Jones' knickers." My sister Sarah nudged me. I rolled my eye's knowing she was going to be crawling home within a couple of hours. She was like a kid in a candy store when a night out was involved. All together there was fifteen of us on this trip. Right then I had decided to not give a damn any more and enjoy myself. I had never been to New York before and we were leaving in two days so what the heck. I saw Michelle walk to the curb and wave her hand in search of a taxi.

"Michelle, it is New Year's Eve in New York City, do you honestly think you are going to get a taxi?" Suzie asked. She was the one who always tried her best to rain on people's parade.

"One way of making them stop." I said as I opened my jacket letting some of my skin exposed and walked off of the street and right into the middle of the road.

"Lucy!" I heard the girls scream. A taxi almost skidded to a halt in front of me but they always stopped.

"Ready Michelle?" I asked, a wide smirk on my face. A line of taxis stopped behind the one I almost got knocked down by. Ah well, could have been worse. "Told you I would get a taxi." I winked. Michelle laughed uncontrollably. I was sure she was almost ready to wet herself. I slipped into the back along with my sister and Michelle. The rest hoped into the taxis behind us.

"Lady, are you crazy?" The Indian taxi driver shouted.

I giggled, that was fun. It gave them something to talk about if nothing else and it was cold. I smiled at him innocently and winked as he turned around. "Not usually, but tonight I just might be."

The End

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