Speaking HonestlyMature

A poem created by a few events of the day

As long as were speaking honestly

let me be the first to say

i put up with the same shit it's just a different day

and you embody modesty in the way you tend to fade

your so eager to progress that life is just in the way

we pretend to live in poverty for the sake of living well

you say cleanliness is next to godliness but this home is a living hell

and as long as were speaking honestly i'll get straight to the point

It's not cool when you speak to me in a condescending voice

It's like i wasn't baptised in the chuch according to mom

well then this is considered scripture cause i'm spitting a psalm

My holy mother may be full of grace

but there lies a beast behind the pretty face

her behavior is despicable she thinks she's irresistible

now were getting to a point were every action is critical

relationship is fading cause of all the constant hating

while i stand here debating why i should still be waiting

And while i'm speaking honestly let me say something else

cause there's a few things that i've been keeping to myself

this part goes out to another girl in my life

who's so shrouded in her own darkness she refuses to see the light

you say your chained to your ex but your the one with the key

and there is no reason you can get with everyone but me

i'm not trying to hurt your feelings I'm just trying to keep it real

I'm tired of trying to cover up how i really feel

next name on the list of chicks that got me confused

These next lines are to a girl from NYU

You may be the most beautiful thing i've seen walk upon this earth

yet every time i speak with you it seems that things get worse

these little facebook chats are starting to get on my nerves

cause i feel you never give me the chance that i deserve

maybe you think your better than me well forgive me your royal highness

or maybe this is just a product of your shyness

In either case i'm just trying to see

whats the situation when it comes to you and me

speaking honestly honestly i'm fed up with this conversation

but this was a great release of some recent aggrivation

and now to clear up any speculation

this is me speaking with all honesty

The End

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