Chapter 4



            Gabby burst through her friend’s front door, giving a small hello to his mother. Today was Marshall’s birthday and she would not wait to give Marshall the present she picked out. Rushing through the house, Gabby threw her present on the ground before stomping out the back door.


            There was another hour until the party actually started, so it was only the two children. Gabby went to sit next to her friend on the swings. They silently swung back and forth for a few minutes before Marshall spoke up.


            “Did you get inna lot of trouble? For biting Susie?”


            Gabby shook her head. “No, they got mad at me, but not a lot of trouble. They just gave me a long talk ‘bout it.” Marshall smiled at her goofily. Gabby puffed up her cheeks for a moment before smiling back. Her eyes squeezed shut with happiness.


            “What about the boy? Did ya see ‘im again?”


            Shaking her head, gabby shoved her foot on the ground, forcing the swing to move. “No, but I bet he will be back. It couldn’t have just been a dream. I am sure of it.” She hesitated a moment before nodding firmly. The boy would be back.


            They played around for the rest of the hour, until other kids started to arrive. Most of them were Marshall’s family and had met Gabby at least once before. The twins from preschool were there also, Harvey and Alan. Both of the boys placed their presents on the table before rushing over.


            Harvey and Marshall started to talk about the latest new show Digimon that they both started to watch. Meanwhile, Alan walked over to Gabby and started to rub her hair around wildly. Frowning, she tried to move away, hiding behind Marshall. She let out a small shriek as Alan started to grab her. Marshall went to block his way, playfully shouting at Gabby to run.


            Gabby turned around for a moment, to yell at him for bossing her around. However, seeing Alan approaching, she decided to take his advice for once. Marshall tried to block Alan while she ran. Harvey ran in the opposite direction from his brother to try and catch the girl.


            Marshall gave a warning cry. Gabby turned around just in time to be tackled to the ground. She struggled to shove Harvey off of her, but he was too strong.


            “Eww.” They all heard a high-pitched voice say. “Gabby has boy cooties.” Jeers and chants sounded around from the other girls. They were all making fun of boys and their cooties. Susie stood on the top of the stairs, her curly black hair shining under the sun.


            “Come on Gabby. It is time for the cootie shot,” she said. Grabbing the other girl by the arm, she started the chant. “Circle, circle. Dot, dot. Now you have your cootie shot!” Once she was done, Susie let her go.


            Gabby frowned at her arm for a moment. Then, with a shrug, she turned around to chase after Marshall. Susie rolled her eyes while the other girls shouted protests. Everyone knew that boys could not play with girls. They would get cooties. Still, Gabby did not seem to mind passing on girl cooties or catching boy cooties.


            “Marshall! Come on, it is time to open presents,” Marshall’s mother called from the house. Everyone stopped what they were doing to hurry inside, excited to show off what they bought for Marshall. Marshall was placed it the middle of the group of people, ready to open presents. He insisted that Gabby sit beside him to help open the tough ones. She looked uncomfortable surrounded by everyone, but agreed anyway.


            They opened all of the presents, each one better than the last. Gabby was excited to note that no one else had bought him the same present she did. Her present was last to be opened. Giddy with excitement, she handed him the rainbow-wrapped present.


            This one Marshall opened slowly. He watched with amusement as Gabby shifted around impatiently. She hated to wait for anything. Both parents watched as his eyes lit up with excitement. Lisa, Gabby’s mother, laughed with amusement.


            “I am not sure who it is a present for, Gabby or Marshall. They both could not wait to watch it.” Hayley, Marshall’s mother nodded in agreement, taking pictures of the children’s excited faces. Marshall hugged Gabby before pulling back and shoving the movie in the air excitedly. His friend smiled too, happy that she picked the right present. Lisa and Gabby had spent two days searching for the perfect present.


            Next was cake. Gabby hopped up eagerly. Her favorite part about cake was being able to pass it out to everyone. After Marshall cut the first piece, Hayley handed her the plates. She gave the first plate to Marshall first, then the twins, and slowly to everyone else. Susie was the last person to get cake. She sent Gabby a dark look before biting into her chocolate cake.


            Marshall watched Gabby as she slid off all the icing off of her cake. He frowned, “don’t you like the frosting?”


            She giggled, “of course I do, which is why I am scraping it off. You always save the best part for last.” Shrugging, Marshall ate his cake normally, frosting and cake all blended together. They took turns making faces at each other, to the point that they both almost choked on cake.


            After what felt like hours, everyone except for Gabby and her mother left the party. Lisa insisted in helping clean up all of the mess. Marshall and Gabby were looking back through all of the presents, trying to decide what to play with first. They stumbled upon the present she had given Marshall. Excitedly, they ran to their mother’s, both of them holding the present.


            “Momma, can we watch this together?”
            Lisa frowned at her daughter, “Gabby, we are going to be leaving soon.”


            “Can’t she stay here, just for tonight,” Marshall begged. Lisa and Hayley laughed.


            “Hayley, would you mind Gabs staying here for the night?” Hayley shook her head.


            Gabby ran up, hugging Hayley tightly. “Thank you Ms. Hayley!” They both ran into the living room, pushing the tape in the television.


            “Pokémon: the First Movie- Mewtwo Strikes Back,” Gabby and Marshall cried as it started. They tried their hardest to stay still as the movie played, but they could not help but chant for their favorite characters. Gabby liked Brock the best, he was goofy. Marshall liked Misty and her water Pokémon. Of course, their agreed character was Pikachu and Ash. No one could resist the main character after all.


            After ash was turned to stone, Marshall could hear his best friend sniffing. He looked over to see tears in her eyes. “He can’t die,” she wailed dramatically. “Look, everyone is so sad.” Marshall smiled and tried to find a way to make her feel better.


            “My momma told me that main characters never die in movies. So I bet he will come back to life.” Gabby sniffed again pitifully.


            “Promise,” she whispered. Marshall nodded hurriedly. They smiled and continued watching the movie. They both started screaming in joy as Ash woke back up smiling goofily at each other.


            “See, I told you,” Marshall stated proudly. He expected Gabby to be smiling, but instead there were still tears in her eyes.


            “Hey, Marshall,” she mumbled, “you are moving right? After you move, will we still be friends?”


            Marshall opened his eyes wide. “Of course we will. ‘Sides, I am moving closer, not farther away. And if I won’t be your friend anymore, we can’t get married then right? We promised each other that we would get married, just like in our games!”


            Gabby giggled, remembering the promise. “Fine, but I wanna ‘nother promise, just in case.” She stuck out her pinkie. Marshall slipped his pinkie through hers and shook.


            “I promise to be friends with you, forever and forever.”


The End

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