Chapter 3

Gabby woke up to her mother’s gentle shaking. Yawning widely, she started to curl back into a ball when her eyes suddenly popped open. Today was pre-school, which meant she could tell everyone about the boy from two days ago.

            Hurrying to get dressed for the day, Gabby grabbed the clothes her mother had picked out for the day. The outfit consisted of a bright pink shirt with yellow smiley faces decorated all over the front. Then she had a pair of blue overalls. Her mom picked out this outfit because she knew it was one of Gabby’s favorite ones to wear.

            Normally, Gabby hated to go to pre-school because everyone made fun of her short hair, but today was different. Because today was Monday, it meant that everyone would get to share their stories about what happened over the weekend. One of the girls, Susie, always had the best stories, tales of wonderful trips to go clothes shopping and going to the new kid park. But today, Gabby’s was going to be the best. Susie never had any stories about being saved by someone in a dream.


After getting dressed, she hurried to run to her mom’s blue van, only to get stopped by her great-grandmother. “Did you brush your teeth and hair?” Pouting, Gabby ran back into the bathroom. She quickly brushed her teeth and grabbed a comb. Her mother was still getting ready, so she went up to Gail.

“Can you brush my hair, please,” Gabby asked nicely. Gail took the brush and motioned for her great-granddaughter to sit on the floor. As gently as possible, she pulled on the unruly hair. Still, Gabby could not help but flinching as the brush tore through the light brown hair.

“Momma help, she is hurting my head,” Gabby wailed as her mother walked through the doorway.

“I feel your pain, but I would only be worse. If you don’t want it to hurt so much, maybe you should learn how to brush it yourself.

Gabby whined, “But I don’t know how.” Sighing, her mother told her to get in the car. Gail finished on her hair and handed the brush back. Once again reminded that she would get to have a tale better than Susie’s she ran to the bathroom, through the brush on the sink, and ran outside.  Scrambling into her car seat, Gabby buckled up and waited impatiently for her mother to come.

After a few minutes, Gabby’s mother slid into her own seat. She pulled out of the driveway before noting her daughter’s excited squirming in the back seat.

“What are you so excited about today? If I remember correctly, you though pre-school was the worst ever and you couldn’t wait until you were Garrett’s age so you could ride the bus.”

“Today, we get to tell everyone about the weekend. I wanted to tell Susie about the boy.” Her mother shook her head slightly but did not respond, focusing on the unpaved road. Gabby listened to her mother talking impatiently; she could not wait to get to the pre-school.

It did not take them long to pull into the driveway of the school. Gabby unbuckled her seatbelt and ran into the building, not even bothering to say goodbye to her mother. The mother, already halfway out of the car, shook her head.

“She seems a little energetic today, doesn’t she Lisa?”

“Yes she is, Ms. Delair. I have never seen her this excited for school. I doubt I ever will again. She cannot wait to tell everyone about her weekend.” Lisa and Ms. Delair said their goodbyes before separating. Lisa drove off to work while Ms. Delair went back inside.

The four children she had today were watchingThe Land Before Time. She usually had two more, twins, but they called in sick today. There were the two girls, Gabby and Susie, and the two boys, Marshall and Lukus. They were all tuned into the show. All except for Gabby. She tried to watch the movie, but she just could not wait until the end of the day to tell everyone about her weekend.

Ms. Delair smiled. Since Gabby seemed so excited, she decided to change the schedule a little bit. Clapping her hands together, she grabbed the children’s’ attention. “Alright, here is the plan. We are going to finish watching the movie. After that, we will play a few inside games, then storytelling. When story telling is over, we will talk about everyone’s weekend.” The girls let out an excited squeal while the boys groaned. “Then we will take a nap, play at the park, and finally, painting.”

The children turned back around to watch television. Ms. Delair went into the kitchen to find something for them all to eat. She came back out with four bowls of grapes. Everyone said thank you and started eating, still watching the movie.

Susie, Lukus, and Marshall all bit into the grapes. Meanwhile, Gabby peeled off the skin of hers. Only after all of the skin was peeled off did she take a bite. Ms. Delair sighed.

“Gabby? What did I tell you about the grapes? You are supposed to eat the skin too.”

Gabby wrinkled her nose, “but the skin tastes gross.” She started to peel the skin off of another grape, placing the skin back inside the bowl. Ms. Delair shook her head. Gabby was the same with every fruit, she refused to eat the skin. It was always gross and tasted bad. No matter what she and Lisa tried together, they could not make the girl eat her food properly. Ms. Delair had never had a problem like this; all of the other children ate the fruits normally.

Once the movie was over, the children started to play. Lukus and Marshall played Candy Land and Susie played with her dolls. Gabby sat off to the side, watching everyone play. Marshall tried to convince Gabby to join their game, but she shook her head and smiled.

After two hours of playing, the children grew bored. Ms. Delair sat them all down and grabbed her storybook. “Now what should we read today?” Gabby started to raise her hand before setting it back down.

“Gabby? Do you have an idea?”

She looked down, “what about the one with green eggs?”

Ms. Delair smiled, “Do you meanGreen Eggs and Ham?” Gabby nodded. The teacher grabbed the book and started reading. All of her children stayed silent until it was over. Lukus and Marshall started to argue over their favorite books before Ms. Delair cut in.

I think it is time to tell us about your weekends, isn’t that right Susie?” Susie nodded and stood up.

“This weekend my mommy got me a new princess.” She held up the doll beside her. It had she same red hair as Susie. “I also got a movie,How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” She sat back down and everyone clapped. Next, Lukus stood up.

“My aunt and uncle visited. He boughted me a toy car that moves by a remote. Mommy did not let me brung it today. We also wented out to eat, but I don’t know the name.” he scratched the back of his blonde head before sitting down.

Marshall stood up next. He smiled widely, showing off a set of dimples. His blue eyes glowed with excitement. “My mom and dad bought me a swing set. They build it yesterday. They bought it cause it was a early birthday present.”

Everyone clapped. “That’s right, your birthday is in two days, isn’t it Marshall,” Ms. Delair asked.

Everyone turned to look at Gabby. Usually she just said ‘nothing’ before sitting back down. This time however, she smiled and looked towards her shoes. Marshall gave her a small thumbs up. “This weekend I had a dream about dinosaurs trying to eat me.” Ms. Delair gasped. “But I knew I was dreaming. I just couldn’t wake up. This boy saved me from my dream. I can’t ‘member what he look like, ‘cept he had green eyes.” Everyone clapped except for Susie.

“That isn’t true.”

Gabby puffed out her cheeks. “Well, it is.”

“Nuh-uh, you must be lying. Nobody can save you from a dream. He isn’t real.” Gabby narrowed her eyes. Screaming wildly, she flung herself to Susie. Before anyone could pull her away, Gabby bit down on Susie’s arm. The red-haired girl let out a shriek of pain as Gabby bit down harder.

Ms. Delair grabbed Gabby by the waist and pulled her back. She fought back, trying to get back to Susie.

After a few minutes of shouting and fighting, Ms. Delair finally had Gabby under control. She guided the child into the nap bedroom and grabbed her phone. The phone rang a few times before a woman answered. While they talked, Gabby glanced down guiltily at the floor.

Ms. Delair hung up the phone and turned towards Gabby. “I called your grandmother, Kate. Your mother is still working so she will be here to pick you up in a few minutes. Go get all of your stuff, and stay away from the other children.

Gabby grabbed her bag and jacket before sitting down on the couch. Lukus and Susie sent her looks and started to whisper. Once the teacher was gone, Marshall sat up on the couch, near Gabby.

“I think he is real,” Marshall whispered. “Will you tell me if you see him again?” Gabby gave the cheerful boy a small smile and nodded.

“Ms. Delair,” Susie called with a small smile. “Marshall is talking to Gabby!”

Marshall slid off the couch with an apologetic glance towards his friend. “Marshall, were you talking to Gabby? She is supposed to be in trouble.”

“No Ms. Delair. I was just grabbing my toy that was on the couch. See?” Marshall lifted up an action figure. The teacher narrowed her eyes but did not say another word. From outside Gabby could hear her grandmother’s truck. She flinched down into her seat lower. Kate and Ms. Delair walked into another room. After about ten minutes, Kate walked out and grabbed Gabby’s hand. She was gentle, but Gabby could sense her grandmother’s anger.

Once in the truck and safely buckled, Kate turned to her granddaughter. “I am not going to say anything, because your mother will yell at you enough when you get home. I just want you to know that I know you don’t normally act like this. Anger should not make you bite someone else on the arm, even if they were arguing.” Gabby did not say anything. Kate sighed. “I still have to go help your mom finish cleaning houses. I am sure you do not want to join us, so I am dropping you off at Gail’s house. She will probably give you a talking to as well.”

They drove the rest of the way home in silence. Gabby fiddled with her fingers, not even bothering to sing as her favorite song came on the radio.





The End

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