Speak of Dreams

Four year old Gabby knew that she was dreaming. Pink flamingos? Cute little dinosaurs? Those things did not live where she did. Of course, waking up from her dream was not as easy. At first, she did not mind, as long as she knew it was a dream she could stop it, or control it. Nothing bad could happen in a dream. All she had to do was wake up. Right?


Speak of Dreams



Gabby pushed back her neck length hair back angrily. The brown streaks were just long enough now to fall in her eyes. How she wished that she had not cut her and her mother’s hair a few weeks ago while her mother slept. Mother had taken Gabby to a hair salon and got most of it chopped off. She was almost bald!


Thankfully, it was starting to grow back, but this part was the worst. It never stayed out of her face. Gabby did not think her mother would mind all that much, she had just wanted to try out the scissors she found earlier that day. The teacher let them use scissors all the time in class.


If she was honest with herself, Gabby’s mother seemed angrier about the keys she had stuck in the outlet. Her mother had yelled something about how she could have been electrocuted. She did not understand how though, all it did was turn off the television. When Gabby had gone to show her mom, she had screamed at her to stop.


Now Gabby was not allowed to touch scissors unless she was in class, and even then the teacher had to watch her carefully. It was not fun anymore. All her friends laughed because she was treated like a baby, and now she looked like a boy. It was bad enough that Gabby hung out with cootie-covered boys, but now she looked like one too. Her mom had made a mess of everything.


Shaking her head, Gabby looked around. She was in the small patch of forest between her house and the neighbors. It was not very big, a few more steps and she would be able to see the other house. Not that she wanted too, the older boys that lived next to her were mean, and liked to play pranks to make her scared. They were moving soon, before she even had a chance to get them back.


They played a lot of mean pranks. Once, they told her that if she ate a seed, a plant would grow into her brain. That one she did not believe because her daddy had said that plants need dirt and water and sunlight to survive. She did not have any of that in her stomach. Another prank they played was when they dug a big pit in their yard. Gabby had brought over some of her toys to play in with them. The only problem was that she could not climb out of the pit by herself. The boys had put footholds in the side, but she was not good at using them. One day they had just left her there, getting bored with playing her girly games. She had cried for an hour before managing to finally make it out of the pit, but she had to leave her giant doll in it.


The worst prank they had played though, was the one they did just a few days ago. They had taken her deeper into the woods than she had gone before. The boys told Gabby that they were going to summon evil ghosts, and that their bodies would be possessed. Gabby did not want to join them so she asked to leave. They made her walk back alone, so they could summon the ghosts. Along the way, she noticed trees that were covered in blood. Behind her, screams of pain and terror echoed.


She had run out of the forest as fast as she could, terrified for her safety and the boys. Later, their sister had told her that it was all just a joke; even the blood was faked with ketchup.


Pouting, Gabby decided she did not want to go back to her neighbor’s house. Not until they left for good. Besides, it was getting dark, and she did not want her mommy to get worried. She turned around and walked back to her house, picking up a few wishing flowers of her way along.


It was not until Gabby could see the white of her house that she realized that something was not right. Not only could she not remember ever going outside, but she did not live here anymore. Gabby and her mommy had gone to live with their great-grandmother. Her mommy and daddy had gotten into a fight and split up.


Daddy had taken the house, so mommy had to leave. Gabby was not supposed to see her dad again until next weekend. Not to mention, the last thing she could remember was walking into her room that her brother, her mom, and Gabby all shared at the end of her great-grandmother’s house. She had left because her brother, Garrett, was being mean and pulling her hair.


Gabby kept walking, if she was all the way back home, she could at least see her daddy. She missed him a lot. As she was walking, she past a group of flamingo’s munching on the short yellow flowers that grew in the yard. She frowned; her teacher had just taught them about flamingos. They looked at pictured of them in a book. Before that, Gabby had never seen one. So what were they doing here now?


Smiling, like only a child would do in a strange situation, Gabby clapped her hands together. She had wanted to see a real flamingo since she had seen them in a book. Their giant pink bodies looked so soft. Her daddy must have brought them here somehow. Daddy knew that she wanted to see them; Gabby told him the last time they talked.


Gabby yelled and ran towards them, yelling wildly. The birds, startled, gave a warbling fly and flew off awkwardly. They landed again behind her, near the edge of the forest. There, they continued to eat the flowers, ignoring her once again.


Puffing out her cheeks, Gabby stomped towards the house. Why would they just ignore her? She would tell her daddy what was going on, he would make them listen.


A small purple creature on two legs ran past, heading towards the flamingos. Gabby turned around to look at the creature better, not sure of what it was. She noticed the small front arms and sharp yellow teeth and shivered. Dinosaurs. Shehateddinosaurs; they always appeared in her nightmares.


The most common one was where she was having a party with all of her friends at her great-grandmothers house. They would all be having an awesome time, when giant dinosaurs would come and stomp on everyone. Most of the time it was an accident, the giant dinosaurs with really long necks forgot to look down sometimes and would step on people.


But there was always the same dinosaur in her dreams each time. The one that made her run under her bed in fear. The giant Tyrannosaurus Rex. It would always eat her great-grandmother, and her mommy. Then it would come for her. She would always wake up before it could come for her.


Gabby shivered again. Her momma said that the only reason she had so many dinosaurs was because she would always watchJurassic Park. No matter how many nightmares she got, Gabby could not stop watching the movies. They were awesome, the best movies ever.


But that was not the point right now. The point was that whenever any other dinosaur showed up, the T. Rex was sure to be near. Worries of making her dad make the flamingos stay was long forgotten. Instead, like the child she was, Gabby ran back towards the forest, hoping to stay out of any dinosaur’s way.


Breathing heavily, Gabby came to a stop underneath a bunch of plants with giant leaves. The plants were all different from the way they were before. They looked more like the ones inJurassic Parknow. Which meant it really was a dream. All she had to do was wake up now.


Gabby tried to imagine her eyes opening. She thought about the dark green pillows and the plain white walls. Her mom was probably in the room right now, getting ready for bed. No matter how much she tried to open her eyes, she kept seeing the small dinosaurs pass.


She closed her eyes in the dream, blocking out all of the dull sounds and smells. Gabby even pinched her arm to try and wake up. Nothing worked.


A rustle beside her head caused Gabby to open her blue eyes again with a gasp. The same purple dinosaur she had seen first was right in front of her face, sharp yellow teeth, and rotten breath seeming all too real. Gabby opened her mouth to scream, choking on the repulsive smell.


It was a dream; dinosaurs were not real, were they? She would wake up any second now. He mother would be telling her everything was alright. Soft hands would be rubbing her back soothingly, singing child lullabies.






The End

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