The Reward that I can't get enough of

Today is a new day in this romantic world of a new morning she is a twenty year old as she wakes up from her bed to get some coffee sits sips the coffee from her cup as like any average twenty-year-old do. She finishes yesterday’s paper and walks outside and gets the mail from outside to have today’s paper looking for something that is happening in this paper comparing it to yesterdays paper and reads that paper also. She puts down the paper and immediately changes out of her clothes and walks into the shower. She takes around 20 minutes in shower to shine up or to clean her beautiful skin and turns off the warm water to dry off afterwards before putting on her robe. She walks over to her closet to get some of favorite clothes to meet up with me.

She and I are so very happy, as she and I are meeting and when we meet in the park of this a beautiful morning. As she is walking towards me the sunlight, shines against her like the sun shined o’ as brightly as she must have been like angel from heaven. As how the sun shined upon her if then so she must of had been the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, or had laid my eyes on. As if there was, any other angles from heaven they would have never become as perfect to the one that I have. To believe that if she were not around the sun would have not came up if she was not around in my life. I am sure that the sun would not rise up or make me feel happy for myself if she was not around in my life.

I’m so glad to see her I said to myself while still sitting on the bench in the park I can’t even stand just sitting down and watching her walk towards to me while I’m sitting down on this bench. But I stay sitting down with the thoughts always occupying in my head telling me, “I want to play it cool but why and should I be still be sitting down I feel like this I feel that I was in love but how would I know that I never felt like this ever before. I’m not experienced in being love or similar topics related to this genre such as love I do not know why that is so I just do not know why.”

I realized then that I was standing on my two feet firmly on the pavement and my heart was even more fluttering faster as a bird flaps its wings. She was now only seconds away to be walking towards me to be in front of me I wipe sweat off my forehead I did not want to be sweating or disorganized when she sees me standing there over by the park bench when she is up close to me. Now the time finally came and there she was near me and I spoke so I started with “Hi do I know you?” She then turned around and looked towards my way and she does now know who I am and as she hugs and too next she kisses me as her dog she had just bought jumps all over me. She and I are happy cause we have been lucky enough to meet each other and there is no better feeling than that at all cause nothing else compares because I have found the one as she is mine my only, my everything.



The End

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