The Moment

Five months go and pass, just to flash past by like the voices echoing down long corridors of hallways. I had known this for a long while and I wanted to do something about my feelings towards her. As it grew ever stronger than ever before, which was more than what I would have ever thought it would of have become. I managed to call her after she was off work I could not expect to know what could be happening to us next. “Yes” she answering the phone and I took a deep breath and then I said to her “Can I come over….”

She said, “Yes sure you can.”

“Thank you” I said to her before hanging up the phone

That was all I had to say for as of now.

It took me a quick ten minutes for me to drive in my car as I raced to her apartment only to think of only her.

I arrived at her apartment, she opened the door, and we sat on the sofa at the table in the living room.



The End

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