Big Move

Both of us drove and drove, eventually leaving the city life and its suburbs to be arriving in the countryside far outside of the city. Far from, the cities limit and far even enough away from any noise of people of to hear us two. As I parked the car over by the rivers edge and let her open the door, and we sat by the river knowing that something beautiful is happening, and has happened before us. However, this is nothing like any thing before I have felt about anyone ever before she came into my life.

She looks towards me I would look towards her at the same time just looking now both at own each others faces my face is shaded by a tree and her face is shining very brightly with sun over her eyes and her face. We both do not know what to do now we have came this far we were in the middle of the country and the middle of quietness that never happens in the city. She splashes water on her face and decides to swim she asks me to swim with her and swim with her. In only dreams, this must only happen but this has now reality a dream come true, caused from nothing by sitting in a park on that faithful day. We then both lift out of the water and roll and tumble in the grass without a care in the world. I look to her as she looks at me and she gives me kiss as I reply to her with a kiss back.

Didn’t have a care in the world happiness and other things such as possibly love and devotion brought the two of us together as we laid there on the grass by the river till the night fell down again upon us. We went to my car and drove all the night long with out falling asleep as she did as she laid her shiny blond hair upon the side of my arm as I drove from sundown to till sun up. Diving back to her apartment I officially now knew that she must be the officially thee one the one that I could really spend my time with without no judgment from others and any type of friend like wise related to me.









The End

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