Bird's eye view

The door opens in front of me very slowly it swings open and there she was again she asked me to come in for a little while. So I walked inside into her bright and sunny yellow apartment which anyways her apartments ceiling was made out of glass allowing the sun to shine though the apartment and allowing the sun light to spread all over the four corners of the apartment including the five other rooms in the apartment itself.

She gave me something to drink, I accepted her offering to drink something as she, and I sat down on the sofa in middle of the apartment with the view of the city skyline across from where we were sitting. It looked like she wanted to tell me something important as she rather drank the glass she had in her hand and took quick glances at me while she was sitting down and drinking from her cup. Ending the silence I first spoke first asking, “What do you bring me here for since it is nine in the morning.”

She said while placing first her drink down upon the coffee tables edge. “Well I bought you here today to my place to tell you something and that is I want go out with you today if possible?” as she smiled at me and picked up her drink again and sipped whatever was left from her coffee cup.

“Yes of course today is a good day to take you out is that all?” I said. She replied “No that is all” And both of talked little more while finishing drinking of what she and I gave herself again. After that we went back down the stairs that I took up to her that very top floor of her apartment back down to the street level again I opened the door to my car to let her in and I opened my car door and crawled into the car and drove away.



The End

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