The day came the sun was shining so bright I pulled the covers over my head so my eyes could adjust a little better before getting out of bed. After 10 minutes of lying their in my bed I did what I did any other day which was step out of bed, walk into the shower and wash up for a new day, and walk back out and dress up to be walking around the apartment home.

Yesterday I thought she was only a dream in my sleep but realized that it was not the case. There was her phone number and that confirmed then afterwards on that I must of did met her not in my small dreams but truly in the real big life! Then the phone rang I walked on over there somewhat sometimes stumbling in my walking towards the ringing and vibrating phone. I picked up the phone to answer the person to who ever was on the other end and started talking with “Who’s this?”

“It’s me,” she said and that concluded that the story of yesterday was not dream dreamt in someone’s mind dream like what I thought I have done when I went to sleep last night. “Can I see you again someday soon or possibly today?” She asked me I had to say something and that was “yes.”

So I opened the door of my apartment went down the stairs from the 5th floor to very bottom floor opened the entry door, walked outside got into my car and left to go to her. I arrived at the apartment of her place of residence. Walked up to the 9th floor of her apartment building passed several doors perhaps six doors down from the stairs over to the right possibly and I was finally at her apartment door. Before I wanted to knock on her door, I wanted to remember how last night was and I wondered if she would talk about last night with me does she like me? On the other hand, she only likes me only as one of her best friends or man friends? I reached up my hand from my tan coat pocket as images of her flashed though out my mind. Then I knocked on the door.






The End

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