What is your name?

“Can I take you home since you’ve been so nice to me?” I asked her since she was so nice to me like no other person I have ever met before.

She replied “well yes.” In addition, I called the cab over paid for that too. So she would not think that I was an in convince to her tonight as I wanted to keep her possibly happy. Enough for at least that she would remember, only me after tonight would of became to an coming close with. In addition, when the morning sun would come up to wake her upon her beautiful face of the new day she will still at least remember me.

The cab arrived at her place within 10 minutes to where she lived in the uptown neighborhood on the side of the city park where I was earlier that same day. After paying the cab driver the total of twenty dollars for the ten-minute trip back to her place we stepped out of the cab for a little moment to ask, “Hey what is your name? Because it would be not right or rude just not to ask now what your name is so what is your name?” She asks me the same question before walking up into her apartment. Well my name is Phil. I said

She said then her name as her name was Lola then too and we then both exchanged our phone numbers before she walked into her apartment complex.

Before she and I would have departed, I asked her if we would meet again. Moreover, she smiled and said If I am not very not to busy at doing designs at the J.C. Fashion Company tomorrow I will call you. I said Ok as she stepped into her apartment complex.

I step back into the cab and told the cab driver to take me home, and that so concluded my most wonderful night ever.

The End

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