Night Fall

The night fell down upon us like as a warm blanket giving us both lots of warmth even if the air and the wind would chill us both to the bone.

“Where are we going?” She asks me

“Well I’m going to take you out to eat that all I’m going to do and I’m paying for all of it so do you want to?” I reply to her

“Sure. Where is this place? Is it back into downtown?” She says

“Yes this is near downtown.’ I answered back

Walking for the past 15 minutes of ten full blocks later, we were back into the downtown area and we entered the restaurant. I stuck to my word and paid for food at front desk of a total of nearly about sixty dollars. Nevertheless, I did not really care at all at that partial time cause I was hungry she was also somewhat so to also hungry. Therefore, we had to eat something before becoming sick from what we had drunk at the club around eighteen minutes ago.

We sat down and stood back up realizing that this place was a self serving restaurant and so we went into the line of people picking out their food that they wanted to eat from the many choices available to them. I ordered a medium rare stake that the cook made behind the counter, and then I picked up regular pizza, Buffalo wings, Lasagna, and some brownies that were in place upon on a separate plate. She chose to eat also so she chose to eat some Lasagna with Hawaiian Pizza onto her plate to eat and we then sat back down in our seats and ate our food.

She sat down at the table and starts asking a question, which was “So are you single?” I somewhat chuckled and almost choked on the steak that I was currently eating at the time but I wanted answer back as quickly as possible without choking on my steak . I replied, “Yes I’m single.”

She replied with another question to ask me asking, “Do you like being single?

I replied to her question, “No bachelor life is very boring because you repeat the same simple things everyday such as waking up wondering what today may bring. Will this day be a good and perfect one or not those things such as that are why I’m saying bachelor life is very boring just boring and not what is not so cracked up to be.” “I’m sorry,” she said.

“You don’t need to be sorry you didn’t do anything wrong at all it’s alright that you asked me that question.” I said to her.

She then said to me, “Well thanks and you know what I’m single too. In addition, what you told about how being single in living alone I can completely relate to that completely and entirely. As I watch romantic movies and I am guessing everything now in life, because I have been single for a very long time. I wonder if it is because I’m that type of person who likes watching romantic movies for no apparent reason at all.”

I answered truthfully back exactly to what she said “I think it cause you just like them that is all that is what I very much believe.”

“Well what do like watch?” She asked

I replied to her new question very truthfully as to every other question before this one as “Well I like to watch anything I’m very open minded to what I may watch but most times I like to be watching comedies or I mean movies that would make me laugh.” As I smiled She smiled then too with me.

Therefore, we talked and talked some more and we both came to realize that, we the both us shared the same childhood, and the same views of things that we see. In addition, what we hear from our surroundings as we also shared the same exact ideas and those most inner most thoughts but with her girlish touch of things of thoughts of course. When we’ve both ate all the food that we both decided to place onto our plates we got up to leave our seats and walked back out the doors.




The End

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