We walked down to the intersection of 30th Street and Brown Street. “I see where the party is now,” she said while looking down the street.

“Where is it I don’t see it?” I said while looking around for it.

“I’ll show you now” as she pulls me down the street towards the party location.

She takes me to an old bar and head out to the alleyway next to the bar. Then head down the steps on the side of bar down 20 feet of steps and slowly opens the door to the basement underneath the bar. She was right about the party of course this place almost served as if an old speak easy or a secret club, which no one really seems to know about.

She pointed out a seat for the both of us to sit down at and so we both sat down at the table. The club must have been the loudest place I have ever been to ever that I can ever remember. On the stage there was a new local city band playing in the club, they called themselves the 24-7’s. The leader of the band was a tall person of about 6 foot 2 inches tall for height and was very skinny almost as a thick block board of wood. On the drums well there was no one at the drums as the drummer spent playing the electronic keyboard instead for his drums as it played drumbeats and such not. For most of their songs, they would either jump around on the stage to sing or drink full beer bottles while they are singing playing the guitar or the drums. All of them did this until the party ended and the club would have become closed every night.

“How did you hear about this party?” I asked her

She answers back to me, “Well my friends and I were talking about going to this party which the both of us are now at right now and so basically now I’m waiting for them to eventually show up. I hope I am not at the wrong bar and party. If I am at the wrong club and the wrong party…” She paused in her speech and calls over one of the bartenders over to ask, “What bar is this called.” The bartender replies back to answer her question “Well this bar is called Charnels any thing else you want to know madam.”

“No I don’t think so but thank you anyways,” She answered back to the bartender as he started to walk away from our table.

“Well looks like we are at the wrong club and party do you want to stay?” She asks me.

“No I don’t” I said back to her and we both walked out of the clubs doors and went back up the stairs we had come down on and walked back out upon towards the way to the street after leaving out of the littered alley .

She said that maybe the party at the club where her friends were at are by now probably were ever it was at was most likely to be over with by now so she asked me if I wanted to do something if so what do you have in mind? “Sure” I replied to her and we started walking again.



The End

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