I reached the street after climbing down the steep hill changing from dirt sidewalks and roads in the park to now paved concrete sidewalks and asphalt roads of the big city of Philadelphia. Felt like walking under this warm blue wonderful beautiful sky. When I came to Broad and Gold Street, I saw her again. I tried ignore that she was over there across the street walking around downtown so I said to myself in a why not sort of a way as

“I hope not considered as a stocker if I follow her out of downtown. She’s walking out of downtown and I will walk right walk behind her I guess this sounds good enough of proof why not.”

So I started walking across the street crossing over to Gold Street with my suit and tie on even if I had not gone to work at all because today was Sunday that is when I do not work which really meant that I could do anything on my spare time on those days that I would be off on. I was now walking behind her. She wore some fashion designed clothes I would not know of anyway all because that is not my type of thing to know what fashion is. She was so graceful when she walked her hips moved back and forth and side to side when she was walking but I guess that is how all girls walk but she seemed to be different in some different way just only to me.

She walks out of the downtown area so I have to slow down walking into a slower quieter walking mode such as a to a tip toe mode of walking manner right now while walking behind her. The neighborhood she was now entering into is what most people consider as being the inner city. As of now the both sides of the street while, walking out of downtown had now slightly ruined buildings, trash laying around about in the street, and many vacant lots. If you were from out of town from the area, just visiting you would want to avoid and stay out of this area during the nighttime comes around. She walks underneath an old rusting railroad bridge and she turns to walk northward after coming off Gold Street to begin walking on to 30th Street. She begins to walk faster now I sped up my walking. She starts jog and my reaction is also to then start to jogging as she is jogging and I still stay behind her while jogging.

She all sudden stops, and I stopped a second too late. I knew my cover became blown as she turned around. Nevertheless, was that maybe also sort of my plan to get cover blown so she would at least notice me eventually extra?

She turned to me to ask in a somewhat sweet style or almost like in a southerner voice to ask me, “Why are you following me?” Therefore, I had to say something at least to not look like very retarded or stupid to her. So I said “Well I saw you walking this area of town and I wanted accompany you while walking down through this rough area of the city that we are both you and I are in.”

“How do you think that?” She replied to me. I did not know what to say to that, so I only answered her as “Just because I am just following you cause that you are pretty that is all.”

She smiled and replied, “Ok it is now getting late like now near little past seven. However, for whatever reason you are doing here and the other reasons why you are following me, I very much do not know that reason as why you are right now. Nevertheless, I guess I could be nice so I guess you can come with me to a party down I am heading towards on Brown Street. It is not to far from where we are right now currently. So do you want to accompany me to the party Sir?”

The End

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