Sometimes I wish I was Dead

She looks at me and looks at me again all over from my face all away down to my two feet. She then stares at me for a quick moment I thought she wanted to talk me and then wanted to walk with me or at least do one of those things only one of them like trying walk with me or try talking to me. However, after turning around for a quick second she was gone. She had walked away carrying on with her usual business in her everyday routine.

I sit back down on the bench that now felt very cold to me only but no one else. I question myself on the bench and while I sit on the bench. Inside my head I am asking myself like “Why I’m so much more a fool than more of a man at least I think I am a man not a creature hopefully that is scaring everyone around me far away to the ends of the earth I hope at least I am not that.

Then I got up from the bench to try to forget all of this because I need to stay positive through it was anyways a new day after all. So I walk out of the park with my head high and I walked down the hill of were I was back down to the streets below. Sometimes I wish I was dead but this is my life I can control it not anyone else.

The End

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