Speak, and listen.

This is about how opening up to someone is priceless(:

One day as I arrive to my english class, I see a girl crying, which typically does not give me much feeling but feeling sorry for the individual, but this was different. I hardly knew her, but I felt a connection.  Her name was Lilly.

I went up to her to see if she wanted to talk, and she did surprisingly, Our teacher saw how upset this sweet girl was so she let us step out into the hallway. I would never tell a near stranger my deepest feelings, but for some reason she told me hers, and I am so glad she did, because she was feeling everything I was. 

We ended up talking about a lot, depression, boys, family problems, agreeing with each other for every word being spoken. I did not really understand this. Nobody understands me. How can this girl come crying into my life and within a matter of minutes I feel like we have been friends my entire life?

It has been nearly a year, and I feel the same connection I did the day we first really talked, and I have never been so happy to have a friend like her, I can be in one of the darkest places, and she will show me the light as I try to do the same for her.

Anyone can go through this, have somebody willing to listen and willing to help, you just need to open yourself up. All the deep emotions you are too afraid to tell anyone, you will be surprised how many people will listen, how many people will understand, how many people will feel the same, and how just that one conversation can change your life for the better.

The End

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