She walks in and takes a seat at her desk as far away from the teacher as possible. Meanwhile the teacher looks up at Elsye sees her brown eyes roll and frowns. Today will be a rough day.

        Elsye poicks up her book for silents, and stares at the words. Her eyes can't seem to focus right. Words don't jump of the page like other's, they just sit there and wait to be comprehended. For Elsye reading is hard.

        She looks up from her book, and stares cold into Elsye's eyes. She knew that Elsye couldn'ty read, she knew that Elsye couldn't spell, but she can't hold her back. The techer thinks Elsye's sweet, but she's pretty dense, that's what bothered her.

        Elsye could not read, could not spell, and for all she knew couldn't speak either. She had heard from the other 4th grade techers that Elsye was a handful, who wouldn't be who switched teachers every month? The principle of the school recommend to Elsye's parents that she would be better in her class. He thought she was tough, boy did he think wrong.


The rest of the year Elsye did not get better, she just sat there like a bug, listening to her teacher, but ignoring the words that were being spoken. The teacher tried to help her, she tutored her, and studyed her, but Elsye's work did not improve. The teacher was done.

        Poor Elsye tried and she tried, but she didn't have confidence in herself, nor did she have the abilty to. Elsye only talked to her parents, nobody else. When she tried to, she couldn't. It was as if someone had knocked the words out of her mouth just as she were to say them. Something was wrong very wrong.

        As Elsye went to bed that night after her good night kiss, her mind wandered to reading. Oh why couldn't she read? She was in fourth grade! All the other kids could read, and they read good in fact they could read 2 pages a minute.

        In the morning Elsye's mom woke her up by giving her a soft kiss on the cheek. Her mother's lips were wet, and so was Elsye's cheek.


Elsye walked into the classroom and took her seat. She wiped what was left of her tears away with her palm. She took out her books and put them in her desk for safekeeping. Her mom had stored them in her backpack after Elsye had told her mom about her plan. Her mother was sincerly greatful that her daughter was going to read today. And she was sure Elsye was going to.

        The teacher walked over to Elsye's desk and asked her if she would go in the hall. Her face looked terrified, but Miss Smith knew she had to do it.

        Elsye followed her teacher into the hall. Why was Miss Smith pulling her out in the hall? Was she in trouble? Elsye considered the possibilities. Whatever the outcome she was going to reply once Miss Smith asked her a question. She was certain.

        Miss Smith asked her many questions, but sadly Elsye didn't find the courage. She just nodded her head like usual. And when the teacher asked why she wore a frown, Elsye didn't say anything. In fact she didn't make any movement at all. Elsye opened her mouth once, then closed it quickly. Miss Smiths's hopes fell lower. and lower every moment like this came. Finally Miss Smith lost all her hope.

        She was sure Elsye was never to speak or write or read. It was just the way things were.

The End

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