Falling Away

Eliza noticed the storm was getting worse, so she hurry to the trailer that John and Sally opened. Loaded Spartan into the metal trailer and got into the truck. Sally and John joined her a few minutes later. Eliza could hear the sound of hoofs crashing against the sides of the trailer and high pitched whinnies coming from Spartan once they left Mallen's old farm Sally looked puzzled when Eliza was just loking at John as if he was going to say somthing but he didn't. "he'll settle down once were on the main road" assured Eliza "i'm not so sure though" replied Sally, then suddenly a flash of white lightning struck a tree the creeking and crashing sound of the falling tree and the rain pelting on the car with wind screaming around, the car swerved and crashed into the tree and the trailer broke off the car and topled over and all Eliza heared was the dying scream of Sally and John.

The End

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