Spartan is a dark bay morgan gelding that was sold to a horse dealer and rescued and taken to be healed at Avalon Lake by Eliza Pool.

Spartans frighten whinny rang the old barn at Mr Mallen's family farm as a wild storm rages above. Eliza, John and Sally race to the barn to save the terrified gelding before the barn collapses on Spartan. "Eliza don't worry" said John after seeing Eliza's face "the horse will be ok, if anyone can save him you can" said Sally hugging Eliza "i know but i'm afraid that the weather will make the barn fall after all it's really old and it's covered in rot" replied Eliza with fear in her voice. they sat in silence and drove on until they reached the old barn where Eliza had saved countless horses from dying, "Sally, get the halter from the back of the truck!" shouted Eliza above the noise of the storm "here!" yelled Sally giving Eliza the halter, John and Sally went to open the trailer, Eliza went into the barn  to see the gelding rearing and screaming with fright and the dark of the night only made it worse. " woah! easy, easy boy, thats it good boy, steady" calmed Eliza as she carefully slipped the halter on and lead him out onto the trailer when Mr Mallen came around the barn door and shouted at Eliza "what are you doing with my horse!" "saving him just look at him you horrible man!"Eliza retorted "i'll call the cops" said Mr Mallen "call them you will save me the trouble! now get out of our way!" said Eliza and Mr Mallen backed off and left.   

The End

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