Chapter OneMature

Noah was a college student, and that's all he new for sure. Then Harper came along and changed all of that.

In 4th grade English, we learn about cause and effect. The idea that there is a relationship between actions and events. For example, we ran out of peanut butter, so I went to the store. The cause being us running out of peanut butter. The effect being I had to go to the store. Now that I've bore you with my literacy lesson, I can tell you this. Life is a never-ending cycle of cause and effect. For example, the cause was Brendan saying cute girls always go to these "open skate things." The effect is me skating alone with no Brendan at all in sight. Don't you think that when you ask your friend to be your wing man, the least you could do is show up?

I'm a junior here at SUNY Oswego. My name is Noah Avery. Majoring in business. My dad wants me to take over his hotel when I graduate from college. That's really all there is to me. I played hockey as a kid so i'm a pretty good skater. But I always get lost in thought and stop paying attention. and that's how I meet her. at full speed, barreling down the ice straight into her. WE slam to the ice and before I can start apologizing, she's chuckling and helping me to my feet. I don't even know her name, and I just crashed into her and she's chuckling, she hasn't started bitching at me yet. I would have even before I hit the ice. "Better watch her your going speed racer." She says as I get to my feet, I finally get a chance to look at the girl. She has a mass of dark brown curls and mud brown eyes, and her smile is almost a smirk. She's so beautiful.

"I...uh... well um.. i'm uh...." There's a reason I don't major in language.

The End

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