There is a place called Laman a place where fairies, elves, dwarves and other mythical creatures lived. It is a place of magic and honesty, justice and no prejudice. It is a fair place, it was a fair place. Now the wars are going on. All the different species are fighting. These are called the dark times. When peace didn't reign. This is about a little girl, who might save the world Laman...


I hiked up my skirts, these mountains seemed to be getting barer and barer. My bow and arrow was slung across my back. I was probably crazy to do this, but I needed food for my familly. Ever since my papa had to join the war I was the only one in the familly who could hunt. Or do anything, my mother had fallen into a hole of depression. I didn't blame her, for papa probably wouldn't come back. I stopped by a stream and filled my water skin. Then i filled the rest of my bags full of water. I left them by the stream, and headed along the stream. For something would have to be here, it was the only water source on the mountain. I locked my eye on a deer, very plump. I shot out, and it hit the deer exactly where I wanted it. The deer slumped over and I went to gut it. Then I heard them. The voices. "Oh look what the little deary found us" one voice sais. A bunch of them snigger. "Stay back!" I say holding up my bow. A man steps out. My eyes narrow at him and I lift my bow. "Woah, little lassie" he sais concerned. "Wouldn't wanna hurt anybody" he sais. I glare at him willing him to do what he needed. I step away from the river and stand in front of the deer. "You do know that if you really tried to fight us, you'd probably be killed. You wouldn't want that, would you?" asks the same blasted guy. My mind flickers to my mother and sister, my dad who probably wouldn't be coming back. "Why dn't you go bother someone else?" I ask him. "Well we have't really looked that hard, but you look like our best bet" he sais. I bite my lip and shake my head. "Boys" sais the same guy. A big group comes out loaded with weapons. "I grab the deer and run. I hear their footsteps behind me and I go faster. Wind is so not helping me right now! I think to myself. It was a ridiculous hope, but the elements ran through my familly. Though no one had got them since my great-great-great grandma linda. Then suddenly a warmth filled me, enveloped me, warmed me. Ok this was weird, but I turned and they almost banged into me. They looked at me then their expression looked scared. I was angry. Then something was urging me to say something. "As fire brings warmth, it also brings destruction, I command fire to burn and make these god dang butts out of my freaking way!" The last part I almost yelled. Then the grass burst into flames and started extending it's warm fingers towards the guys who we're chasing me. They stared in shock then ran head on into the trees. Wait, what had I just done? I shook myself the flames went out and I started descending the mountain. When I realized I had controled fire. OMG! That is so cool. Ya, I was like any other teen. I liked knowing I had some power.

The End

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