Will: The Shadow RoomMature

Holding Lydia’s hand, Will followed Zanna with Jillian trailing unenthusiastically behind then. He felt slightly uncomfortable, being the only one there without that leaf suit everyone was wearing. But as corny as it sounded, with Lydia beside him, he felt like he could do anything.

Zanna led them down a long hallway. The ceiling hung slightly low for him but it wasn’t like he couldn’t walk. They turned down a series of corridors before Zanna stopped in front of a small door, locked securely by multiple chains.

“This is the Shadow room.” Zanna said as she traced her finger slowly around the locks. “This room used to be used to help anyone who visited find out what their Enerja is.”

“What?” Will looked at the sprite with squinted eyes. He swore that lady was talking more and more gibberish. “Enerja? What the heck is that??”

“Everyone has a hidden essence that produces a special talent. It’s almost like a superpower. But you can only use it when it has been revealed and after that, only in Utopia.”

“So you’re saying that everyone has an inner superpower?”

“Yes, basically.”

“Awesome! Why did it get locked up then?” He stared at the door curiously.

“People were abusing it.” Zanna answered obviously hiding a large part of the story. She stared at the door pondering on something.

“Shannon?” She called out. Shannon walked out. “Bring in the keys. We’re going to reopen the Shadow room.”

“But... The consequences...” Shannon trailed off.

“I know I know.” Zanna. “Now, you heard me. Go get the keys.”

“I-” Shannon was about to protested but quickly stopped as she received a glare from Zanna. “Yes, I’ll go get them.” She turned and left. Will stared at the door. He was feeling more and more curious about this Enerja thing.

The End

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