Heads up!Mature

Joe was flying.  Flying through the air.  Falling, more like.  Why?  Because of a stupid fairy woman named...  Bau-Belbina of all things...

Fairy woman?  Man, was he going insane or what?

Maybe it was all the stress Joe had lately.  Maybe it was the rush that he got after making the first ever real sale of his furniture...  To a good friend of his, nonetheless.

Or maybe it was just all that Oxy.

Regardless, Joe was still falling.

As he flipped over and over in midair, the darkness that he had been in before began to quickly fade into a hazy, fluorescent light.  The atmosphere changed too.  While it was blank before, now it showed a bird-eye view of various trees and roads.  A couple of rivers darted the landscape as well. 

So Joe had fallen through his bed, into a landscape that looked like Smurf-land. 

Maybe it wasn't actually Oxy...  Joe thought to himself, as he plummeted to his doom.  Maybe somebody hid mild-to-severe hallucinogenics in my cupboard.

Still falling.

His descent had, strangely enough, began to slow down.  The atmosphere around him flew by more slowly now.  Joe could almost make out the things he passed.  Except he wasn't actually sure that he saw them, and for good reason.  Two notable things he flew by were a cluster of teil-colored clouds, and a gigantic battleship-sized bird that looked as if Salvador Dali tried to do a profile of a winged Snorlax. 

Joe was still processing this information as he neared the ground.  Well, this is it.  He thought.

He was just about to hit, when a hovering girl came under him.

"Heads up!"  Joe screamed as loud as he could.

She took a quick glance, managed a squeal, and dove out of his way.  Just as he fell...  Into a giant red-speckled mushroom.  He desperately tried to shovel fragments of the fungi out of his mouth.

"Wonderful."  Joe grumbled.  "I'm alive, and apparently awake."

"You okay?"  The girl approached him.  "I'm Mary."

Joe stood up and dusted himself off.  But then he took a good look at her and his jaw dropped.  "Mary Thatch?  Margaret, is that you!?"

She looked at him and had a similar reaction.  "Joe?"

He laughed for a second and shook his head.  "Geez, woman.  Has time been good to you."  Joe ruffled her hair in a big-brotherly manner.  "Twenty years...  What's with that?  You keep getting prettier, and I'm just getting fatter." 

Mary had a slight chuckle, before a familiar little fairy came in behind his old acquaintance and hovered in front of Joe's face, wielding a tiny pencil and steno pad set.  She was scribbling furiously.

"Good to see you've arrived safely."  Bau-Belbina said, not even looking up.  "I hope you enjoy your stay, yadda yadda...  Beware the Jabberwocky...  Whatever."

Joe scratched his head.  "Why am I here, oh tiny one?"

Bau looked at him with utter disinterest.  "To learn your lesson, find yourself...  I don't really care.  Ask my supervisor.  I'm not paid enough to answer as many questions as you ask." 

"I think I've learned my lesson."  Joe said.  "I'm never swallowing unmarked pills from the back of my cupboard again." 

The End

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