Jillian: Dream or Reality?Mature

Jillian landed on a pile of leaves. Apparently leaves cushioned blows really well. And apparently they liked to stick to wet coats.

Where the fuck am I?

She stood up looking around dusting off the leaves on her coat.

“You’re in Utopia. More precisely the Eleden village of the moon sprites.”

Jillian jumped in surprise as she whirled around and was faced by a tall girl that seemed to almost to loom over her.

“Who are you?” She demanded.

“That is not important.” The girl eyed her curiously.

“Why am I here?”

“Now that is a much better question.” The girl smiled. “But unfortunately, I cannot answer that until you are in a much calmer state of mind.”

“Why?” Jillian snarled.

“That is precisely the reason why.” The girl gestured to her. “Come. Follow me.”

“Why should I?”

“Because you have no other choice.” The girl turned and left, also taking the light with her.

“Wait! Wait for me!” Jillian shouted as she stumbled after the sprite in the half-lit tunnel. They walked for a long time in the winding tunnels before they reached a large well lit room where another sprite came up to meet the girl.

“Zanna. The boy wants to talk to you.” She whispered.

“Ah... I see. So, he’s out of his dazed state?” So her name was Zanna.


“Alright. I’ll be right there. Show this one to her room. Make sure she gets settled quickly because I can’t wait too long to explain everything. We’re on a tight schedule.”

“I will.” Zanna turned and left. Jillian stared at her receding figure until the sprite behind her tugged at her coat.

“Hey.” She smiled. “I’m Shannon. What’s your name?”

“Jillian.” She mumbled.

“Hi Jillian! Well, uh, I’m going to show you your room where you can settle down in.”

“I’m not a five year old.” Jillian muttered.

“What? Sorry I didn’t hear that.”

“Nothing.” Jillian looked up and gave the sprite an innocent smile.

“Oh.” Then the girl turned around and walked away. For the second time that day, Jillian had to race after someone. Again. This was not the way to treat a reporter. Shannon led her down a few halls before she stopped suddenly at a door. Jillian didn’t see her stop and ran heavily into her sending the sprite flying.

“Oops. Sorry!” Jillian got up quickly. The poor girl must have been completely shocked.

“Uh, here’s your room miss.” She gestured at the door.

“Oh. Ok thanks.” Jillian pushed open the door and walked in. She saw out of the corner of her eye the sprite walking mechanically away. Jeez. This dream was bizarre.

Jillian turned back around and stared at her room. It was a cozy little place, a fireplace burning in the corner with a couch and a bed. It looked a little weird, but Jillian could deal with that. She sat down on the couch. Now she was going to have to figure out how to wake up. And this was the account of her three attempts to wake up. At least to the extent of her memory:

Attempt one:

Jillian pinched herself. It was the most classic way to wake up. Nothing happened. So she continued to pinch herself until she was bleeding. Nothing happened.

Attempt two:

Jillian was not trying to be emo, but pain woke people up from dreams. She grabbed a knife and she pricked her finger with it. It hurt, but... nothing happened. She tried again, giving herself a small papercut. Nothing happened. Damn this was a hard dream to wake up on.

Attempt three:

Jillian took the knife and threw it in the fire. Once it turned red, she grabbed it and pressed the blade onto her arm. She was going to have some many scars from this, but nothing happened. She tried again. The pain was there but nothing happened. Fuck. What kind of dream was this?

She was about to try again when a bowl of cold water as splashed over her head.

Shit. Was her first reaction. But then... That should do it! Now it’s time to wake up! But when Jillian opened her eyes again, she was still there with an angry Zanna staring at her.

“What are you doing?”

“Uh, nothing.” She smiled guiltily as she hid the knife behind her back.

Zanna sighed in despair.

“Follow me.” Zanna said as she glared at her one more time. She turned and walked away. Jillian got up and heard Zanna whisper to one of the sprites.

“Make sure that troublemaker doesn’t try to do anything else. I don’t want her destroying the place or  killing anyone including herself. Bring her to the lobby. I’ll be waiting there with the other two.” Jillian winced. She must have really acted like a stupid five year old.

The End

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