F**king Candyland cont..2Mature

She was surrounded by candy and candy and candy and guess what? If you guessed more candy you were correct. Your prize? A look from Charlotte threatening to punch you for being a smart ass. Congratulations!
           She walked in a direction of a huge tower made of candy, on he decided path there were candy canes hanging from what she assumed was a tree. She broke one off and ate it while she walked. Her shoes squeaked as she stepped which just pissed her off even more than not knowing where she was or being filthy.
           She walked and walked and seemed to not get anywhere, all she saw was candy all there was around her was candy. The tower seemed to be as far from her as when she started walking. Charlotte was tired of seeing candy and her stomach was growling. She had no choice but to pick candy off “trees” and pull lollipops out of the ground. After a while her teeth hurt and she felt like she was going to barf so she sat placing her head on her hands.
           “I just want to see something else, like a person or something…” she said feeling tired and all around sick. She was the only person around so the only sound was herself. But she heard something, something that wasn’t her. She looked up to see a around ten yards away a woman who started to float up from the ground.
           She looked semi-normal so Charlotte got up and ran full speed towards her and shouted, “Hey wait!” she felt stupid but she was tired of being alone. As she got closer she seemed to have gotten her attention.
           Before Charlotte got to the woman her stomach started to hurt dropping her onto her knees. She convulsed and out came everything she ate leaving her puking vile, she felt hands on her back as she convulsed with nothing coming out. Then there was a crashing sound which made the hands move off her. When the pain stopped Charlotte sat down readying herself to get answers
She stood up and started to yell, “Where the fuck am I?” she had plenty more to say but couldn’t quite get it out shocked by the addition to her company

The End

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