F**king Candyland cont..1Mature

She was getting faster and she could see the brown clearly, it wasn’t a road. She sped and sped until she stopped with  horizontally above the brown spot she couldn’t make it out. Her back her from the whiplashing stop of her fall.
           Charlotte took a breath trying to regain what she lost. Exhaling she dropped right into the brown. It was like a lake but thicker than water. She didn’t expect herself to fall anymore, and even if she did she wasn’t expecting the brown to be a liquid. Rising out gasping for air, her arms worked now. She swam to an edge and clawed herself out of what she now knew was chocolate.
           She sat there filthy from head to toe, she wiped the chocolate off her face, squeezed loose chocolate out of her hair. She was pissed, if smoke could come out of her ears it would and it'd be red and hot. She got up from the floor and squeezed her clothes which were now threatening to fall off with all the weight.
           Charlotte took a deep breath before she rampaged and killed someone. After exhaling she looked around, “Well fucking shit.” She said, “I'm in Candyland.” She shook her head, “I hated that fucking game.” She shouted.

The End

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