F**king CandylandMature

It was bright, ridiculously bright, and you bet she complained. “Where are my fucking sunglasses!? I better get a good fucking tan after this!” she didn’t even focus on that fact that she was falling at an increasing speed with no feeling in her arms or legs. That was part of Charlotte's “charm”. She didn’t show weakness. Her thoughts were as stone-like as her front, no weak thoughts and you were strong, you would be invincible.
           When she saw a hint of any color she said, “Well it's about fucking time.” She was able to make out buildings and and a ground of extraordinary color, she thought  just like everyones first thought of this sight would be “God-damn this place needs a serious make over.” Right? Well not exactly.
           What she saw as a mess of colors was getting larger and larger and she knew that meant she was getting closer and closer. “Shit.” She said finally realizing what was happening.
           What she thought was buildings turned out to be towers; perfect name she thought since they were now towering over her. She was still speeding downward into a palette, “Great someone crapped a rainbow and I'm going to die in it.”
           She saw a new color, a normal color, brown. She hoped it was dirt, she’d be happier to die in that than rainbow crap. As she sped down it looked like her hopes were coming true, she was falling straight into the brown.
           As she got closer she felt weak, she hated it but it was the end of her life she thought it was forgivable. This weak moment consisted of Charlotte screaming her lungs off, crying, and wanting to cover her face but her arms wouldn’t move.

The End

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