Mary: Believing in FlightMature

Anyone familiar with the Hansel and Gretel story should know about the house made of candy. It was a large house, made completely of sweets and goods, the most perfect thing for children. But what Mary saw in front of her made that house look like an ant. An ugly stupid crippled ant.

The world before her consisted of towers built completely of candy, floating in midair. They sparkled and shined, just like that little spark that she had been chasing after. She stared for a while before she looked down at the ground again. To her surprise, it was not the dirt ground that she thought it was. The ground was completely white and glowed like a fluorescent white light. She bent down and touched it. It felt like dirt.

But when she touched it again, she noticed little waves rippling through the white. Dirt definitely does not do that. Mary looked at the ground again quizzically.

It looks like dirt. It smells like dirt. It even-

Mary bent down and licked the ground.

tastes like dirt.

She quickly spat it out.

“It takes shape in whatever you want or believe it to be.” Mary looked up surprised even though she knew he was there. An old man was sitting there and looked absolutely ancient.

“Who are you?” She demanded.

“Actually, I think that should be me asking that. So, who are you?” He seemed to puff out his words.

“Why should I tell you who I am?” Mary squinted at him defensively.

“I don’t know.” The man shrugged. “I just thought that would be a proper question to ask. But then, I would like to know why you wanted to know who I am.”

“Because I don’t like strangers staring at me.”

“Oh! Same! I don’t like strangers staring at me either!”

“So. Are you going to introduce yourself?” Mary stared at the old man skeptically. If Mary was unstable, then this guy was extreme.

“I don’t know. Are you?” He stared back at her.


“Oh. Alright. Have fun in candyland!” He was standing now and lumbered slowly away. Boy was he fat. Mary stared at him. How in the world did he support himself?

Mary turned around and finally faced candyland. She was going to have a heck of a good time and no was going to stop her this time.

Mary took a step forward. The ground rippled like waves of water. Mary jumped in surprise. Jesus! This was really going to annoy her. She took a few more steps forward towards the first platform of candy, but stopped quickly. The ripples were really scaring her. What if she just suddenly fell through this watery like thing?

“It’s completely solid if you think it is.” A familiar voice echoed above her. She looked up. The “old man” was floating above her, much more skinnier and a lot younger.

“How did you get up there!” Mary yelled at the guy. He laughed at her.

“You just gotta believe.” He flew closer and tapped her head.

“Ouch! Don’t do that!” Mary rubbed her head.

“It’s all in the head.” And then he zoomed away.

Mary was completely confused. Believe. Not a word too familiar to her. She turned back to candyland. The first platform somehow just appeared in front of her, but it seemed to loom above her, teasing her.

I can get there. Mary growled mentally. I just got to believe.

Mary thought about flying. She squeezed the thought hard in her mind. She felt a rush of energy through her. Mary was not standing on the ground anymore.

The End

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