Effects of Potions cont 3..Mature

Will looked at the sprite shocked with an expression that Lydia seemed to unconsciously read as Since when did she become so huge? But he didn’t give much her much thought and turned back to Lydia and said, “Lia I'm real… I'm here, wherever here is.” He ran to her when he noticed her I'm-going-to-faint look. Lydia didn’t notice she was in his arms. She just heard his voice while everything was fading, “Lia look at me. Lia.” She heard shouting. “Hey! Help!”

“Throw her into the water!” Zanna's voice came next.

She woke up coughing. She was in water, when she looked up she saw Zanna, “Just a side effect from the potion you were given.”

Lydia felt arms on her and she turned to see Will who was staring at her the way he always did, with his loving blue eyes. She missed that look so much that another tear fell from her eye, but before the tear fell off her face she kissed Will with all the emotion she was feeling, love, confusion, fear, and urgency. She wasn’t sure if this was a dream or if she was just going crazy but wherever Will was that was where she always wanted to be.

The End

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