Effects of Potions cont 2..Mature

Lydia wanted to ask “What mission?” but Zanna headed out and put her finger to her lips before she left.
           When Lydia stepped out the small area she was completely warm, so warm she didn’t even notice her stomach or legs or even feet were exposed. Lydia looked around for Zanna but didn’t see her so she decided to take a break on the sofa shaped rock.
           When she sat down all her thoughts from the entire time she has been awake added to I’m crazy. Lydia was sure her face was filthy since there was no mirrors anywhere she couldn’t tell for sure. I'm crazy she thought again. This time it brought tears to her eyes, I had tried to get away from the abuse back home, tried for a better life. I was so sure everything would be better, now I was going back home utterly insane. What will he think…he’d feel bad for me…

She was crying completely now, but her heart jumped when she heard a voice behind her.

“Uh.. Hi?” She jumped to her feet turning to see him, her Will. It wasn’t a voice. It was his voice.
Lydia reversed tears fell more and more from her eyes, “Oh no…why’d you have to bring him into this too?” She didn’t mean to say it out loud. She didn’t even notice until she saw him stop walking towards her with a confused look.

Lydia heard one of the moon sprites that just turned full size say, “She thinks she’s crazy. Thinks her mind brought you in.” the girl walked by him and said, “I'll leave you two to talk. When you’re done come swim.”

The End

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