Effects of Potions cont 1..Mature

She noticed a few of the small people were flying not too far from her. They were flying closer, a tiny girl landed on her shoulder. While Lydia forced herself not to scream the girl said, “We call ourselves sprites.”
           This close Lydia noticed their eyes were completely silver and they had pointed ears. They were wearing leaves also, she wondered if they were cold. Oh goodness I'm going crazy. She put her hand on her head, “Where am I?”
           “Well this is Eleden the moon sprite village in Utopia. There's a lot more of us just out the cavern but we were in a hurry with you. “ she said then jumped off of her shoulder flipping in the air then right before Lydia’s eyes she landed on the floor right after she turned into a full size woman about her height. “I'm Zanna.” Her voice was no longer squeaky.
           Lydia opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out. “Come I will get you something clean and then when you are ready we can go for a swim.” Zanna said and all the others (in human size) ran passed them around a corner to what Lydia thought was where the water was.
           Zanna grabbed Lydia’s hand and pulled her into a small area that had layers of leaves hanging down covering it like a curtain.
           In the room Zanna moved quickly and when she stopped she handed Lydia an outfit similar to her own, leaf fatigue. “But it's cold down here.”
           “The reason we wear them is because they are easy to make and a simple temperature spell keeps us warm. So wear this because that… stuff is a mess and too heavy for your mission.”

The End

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