Effects of PotionsMature

She didn’t hit as hard as she expected, maybe she was dead and she didn’t feel the pain. She didn’t think dying would be so… plain. She never really believed in a Lord but she respected everyone all the same. Hmm… so here she was, her first day being dead and she couldn’t see. She didn’t feel anything but she knew she had hit something. Death is very boring she thought feeling that ache in her heart and the pain in her throat that meant she was going to cry.
           “I’m dead.” She shouted scaring her own self by the loudness of it. She heard a giggle and jumped at the shock of no longer being alone.
           “Pssh.” She heard coming from a few different voices, “Open your eyes.” More giggling.
           That’s when it all became clear and she was overwhelmed with embarrassment till she looked down. When she opened her eyes she was in a cavern, it was high ceilinged with creepy looking death spikes hanging down. But something about the cavern seemed home like. There was a fireplace and a rock that looked almost just like a couch. The room also had a glow that seemed to have no origin.
           Lydia looked down at her feet then screamed. She was floating, “Holy shit!” she shouted then covered her mouth remembering the small people, “I’m sorry.” She said looking around.

The End

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