Will: bittenMature

Will rolled over in his sleep and snored silently when he felt something poke him.

“No mom... Today’s Saturday... I don’t need to go to work...” He mumbled and rolled over again. It continued to poke him.  “Stop it mom. It’s not funny.” But the poking wouldn’t stop. Will reached out a tired hand and tried to bat it away. But it dodged him and then suddenly bit him.

“OUCH!” He screamed and jumped up, now wide awake. “Mom you... Wait, you’re not my mom.” He looked down and saw a little six inch faerie floating above him, wiping her mouth from biting his leg.

“Your’s pants taste like dirt.” It squeaked rather annoyed. Will stared at it with wide eyes.

“Why did you do that?” He demanded rubbing the sore spot on his leg.

“You wouldn’t wake up.” The faerie responded stubbornly.

“But who goes around freaking biting people all the time?”

“Um, I don’t know. Rabid people?”

“Wait. So are you telling me I just go bitten by a rabid six inch tall faerie? I think I’m really seeing things right now.”

“I am not rabid!” The faerie responded indignantly.

“Then why did you bite me?”

“I said because you wouldn’t wake up!”

“Why do you want to wake me up? And what are you doing here? Get out of my room!” He pushed the faerie away.

“This isn’t your room.” The faerie looked at him as if he were stupid. Will look up. He wasn’t in his room.

“Wait. What am I doing here?” He said as he finally noticed his surroundings. He seemed to be in a big ant tunnel that was dug high enough to sit and crawl but anything else was impossible.

“We found your friend and so I thought to wake you up.” It buzzed.

“Friend? What friend? I haven’t talked to many of my friends for a pretty long time.” He poked at the dirt wall gingerly still sounding pretty pissed. Some dirt crumbled and fell off.

“Careful! This tunnel was enlarged on purposed to fit you. If you don’t be careful, it’ll collapse. And by the way, I have a bad record of not saving jerks.” The faerie put special emphasis on the jerks.

“Oh.” He quickly drew his finger away, wincing at the insult.

“Follow me.” The faerie turned and flew away. Will crawled after it.
They crawled for a long time before they finally reached a much larger cavern. There was a couch and a large fire. Someone was sitting on the couch but Will could only see a shadow. He squinted at it. It seemed familiar but he couldn’t quite put his hand on who it was. The faerie flew behind him and gave him a little shove forward. He tripped and stumbled closer.

“Introduce yourself!” The faerie whispered in his ear.

“Uh.. Hi?” He said awkwardly. The shadow perked up and whipped around with surprise and fear written across her face. There were tears streaming down and she looked like a mess. Her hair was covered in leaves and dirt and her clothes looked like they had gone through a lot. Will looked at her for a moment before he finally recognized her. His eyes opened wide in surprise.

The End

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