Mary: CandylandMature

Mary woke up falling. But it was more like floating slowly downwards at the speed of three feet a minute. It was completely pitch black and the only reason why she could tell she was floating downwards the fact that she bumped into the wall quite a few times and scraped herself do so. She felt dizzy from the close to antigravity effect and found it quite annoying that she couldn’t see anything. It was like Alice in Wonderland. Except for she fell through a wall. Not down a rabbit hole. There seemed to be no end and as the rate she was falling. She could go on for about a few more hours and still get nowhere. She sighed. Where did the little spark go?

Mary tried rolling over in the air. It was hard but she managed to finally after scratching herself multiple times on the wall. She could feel the little cuts bleeding, but falling only on your tummy could get tiresome.

While she was falling, Mary had taken off her earrings, hair clips. Anything removable. They had been getting uncomfortable. But every time an object left her hand, it would stop falling and just float there in midair. And then, the farther she fell, the farther away it got.

Mary closed her eyes. This was very frustrating. Maybe she was a little too happy about that Hershey kiss. She always had the bad record of having something bad happen to her immediately following something good. She reached out her hand again and suddenly felt the ground. She landed softly on the dirt with a little thud. Never had she been so happy to feel the ground beneath her. She almost even leaned down to kiss it if it weren’t for the fact that she hated the taste of dirt. It was still dark around her. She moved around a little reaching her hands out to try to feel what was in front of her. Her dress rustled softly yet the noise echoed loudly. Mary winced a little. Maybe she had been a little drunk.

She took a few more steps until she just couldn’t stand the creepiness of the echo and sat down on the ground exasperated. Suddenly she heard a voice behind her.

“Another one to join the party too?”

Mary whirled around. Maybe she couldn’t see anyone, but she felt that she should at least face the voice. It was proper to face person you were talking to even if you couldn’t see him.

“What party?” She asked, trying to hide her bewilderment.

“They said they would finish candyland real soon and once they finish, they would turn on the lights, but it’s been hundreds of years already. Where’s the candy?” The voice was sad and exasperated.

“Candyland?” Mary’s heart lurched. She loved candy. If this really was candyland, oh how exciting then! The voice seemed to feel Mary’s excitement.

“They’re never going to finish.” He sighed tiredly. “It’s just an excuse to keep us here.”

Mary’s excitement died down.

“You can’t be sure right?”

“Yes I’m sure.” But just as he said that, the lights flooded on and everything turned bright white. Mary gasped as she stared into candyland. It was truly candyland.

The End

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