Yada Yada cont.Mature

After Charlotte put on her sweat suit she pulled up the hood to reveal some of her stomach. She looked in the large mirror and tousled her short hair; she puckered her lips fixing them to perfection. She squinted at the mirror when she saw a light, What the… she turned around “Are you fucking kidding me! A camera, you know how pathetic that is?” she started walking towards the light, “Did you get what you wanted? Because that’s the last time you'll ever see a girl…” when she reached the light it wasn’t a camera, there was no one there. There was just a floating glow, then the light just shut off to pitch blackness.
Charlotte looked around her but it didn’t matter she couldn’t even see her fingers; she started to sweat What's going on? I must be sick. It started to get so hot that she was yawning and starting lose her vision making the dark room much much darker.
           She was so focused on the darkness she hadn’t noticed her knees that wobbled, she didn’t notice till she hit the floor hard. Ouch! She thought but she wasn’t going to be that weak. A glow started coming from a door not too far away.
           She tried to wiggle her legs but they wouldn’t move, oh well she could drag them. Now she was proud that she had worked out every morning for the past four years or she wouldn’t be able to move herself.
           At the door she forced herself into a sitting position and reached for the knob but the door whipped open before she could. “If I find out this is a game you’d wish you were dead with the amount of torture ill put you through!” She heard a whishing sound and before she could figure out that it wasn’t a person or what it was she was sucked in through the door.

The End

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