Yada YadaMature

Charlotte was in front of course, she didn’t even have to look back to know that her girls were following. They were in V formation like a flock of geese and she was the leader. Before Charlotte even reached the door it was open for her, “These people are so petty it’s almost, sad.” She said then snorted knowing she lied, she thought these miserable people who held the door and even begged to be in her group were just pathetic it even made her laugh.
           “I think it's cute.” Said one of the girls in her V.
           Charlotte stopped and looked at her, “You were thinking?” she gave her the up-down and smiled, “Get out of my face.” Charlotte turned and started walking again knowing her girls were right in their places. As she walked she said, “Steph.”
           A girl standing by a locker looked up immediately and when Charlotte lifted her finger to the empty spot she ran to fill it. Charlotte didn’t get denied of what she wanted; she built her role and tore down anyone who even thought of challenging.
           She knew the girls behind her were soaking up her fame so now was her time, “If I turn and catch a smile on any of your faces, so help me I will see to all your statuses get put down to the zit-faced freaks. You'll all be pariahs by tonight.”
           She stepped to her locker and looked back and raised her eyebrow, all the girls scattered and she was left alone. She looked at the door and like usual there was a few gifts which consisted of a rose, a card, and a simple Hershey’s kiss with a small note. “Cheap asses.”
           She grabbed the small chocolate and note and skimmed it, it said beautiful yada yada strong yada yada perfect yada secret admirer. She crumpled it with her hand and tossed it behind her she tossed the kiss in her mouth and slammed the locker shut. Her girls gathered to walk her to the locker room for gym but she brushed them off. She pulled open the door and stepped down the stairs. All the voices from inside stopped as soon as her heel clicked that very first time.
Charlotte stepped down on the landing and the girls started to silently leave in groups. She put down her black Calvin Klein sweat suit and reached down to unbuckle her heels. She noticed there were still girls in the room and looked at them, “Get the fuck out of here.”
All the girl’s jumped as if Charlotte was a ghost and just said BOO!, they grabbed their things dropping some then picking it up quickly. The girls bolted out of the room with a look of a deer lit by the headlights of a car thats about to hit it.

The End

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