Wake up Lydia cont...2Mature

The flying people told her when to watch her step and she listened with no problem. But when they disappeared into a hole in the ground Lydia stopped, she would never fit in there. When the two flying people came back up noticing she wasn’t  with them all they said was “Jump!” it echoed loud in her head that when she jumped into the hole it was more of a scared-out-of-her-clothes-by-two-flying-people-who-are-yelling-loudly-into-her-head-to-jump-into-a-hole jump than a Yes! Let’s jump into this hole! Jump.

She jumped and the hole expanded sucking her up like juice and a straw, the two flying people followed. When she looked up at them they held their finger to their lips, the apparently universal sign for shut up. Lydia held her hand over her mouth holding back tears scared for the end of this free fall.

When she saw the dirt floor she closed her eyes tight and saw his face and flash backs of him holding her and her sitting on the handle bars to his bike, she saw her parents face when she told them she was leaving, she saw his face when she told him when she was leaving and his face when he realized he wasn’t going with her. She saw his sixth birthday when she gave him a pet rock named Bob and kissed his cheek. Her tears fell out then she hit.

The End

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