Wake up Lydia cont...1Mature

“Where are you?” Lydia said ducking to look passed the numerous amounts of trees.

The girl’s voice echoed again, “Not the road.”

Another voice this time it was a boy, and it echoed just like the other one and she had heard this one before too, “Off the road!”

Lydia looked around again, “Why?” she looked down the road, “I won't move till you show yourself.”

A little girl popped right into Lydia’s vision, by little that meant about 6 inches.  How did Lydia see that? Well the girl flew right in front of her face. “You see now off the road.” Her voice echoed. The little flying girl looked down the road, Lydia didn’t think her eyes could get any bigger but she was wrong.

Lydia still stunned by seeing a flying girl looked at the road. There was a black horse and carriage down speeding down it. “Wha…” Lydia started to say but was interrupted by another small flying person, this one was a boy. She heard an echoed “Shh” now she noticed they weren’t moving their mouths.

Lydia finally stepped off the road but she was more confused than she has ever been before. “Run!” both of their voices echoed inside Lydia’s head. She wasn’t sure why but she started running, maybe it was the urgency she picked up in their voices in her head, or that they started to fly away and she wasn’t ready to find out yet another possibly strange thing that was riding down that road.

The End

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