Wake up LydiaMature

“Wake up.” A voice came near her ear.

“Ugh… Five more minutes please.” She whined rolling onto her side pulling her knees to her chest, she’d never been this tired before. She started to hear giggling, “Shh…” she whispered still deep in sleep. She heard more giggling, reality started to come to her. Why is there someone in her house? And why is she so cold? She thought when she noticed her body shivering.

Maybe she had changed the alarm’s tone, she reached over eyes still shut; she didn’t want to open them or she’ll never get back to sleep. She smashed her hand down on something hard. When her hand hit she felt her hand freeze and cold flakes fall down by the hundreds on her face, “Woah!” she heard a nasally boy’s voice scream.

Lydia slowly opened her eyes and all she saw was a blur, she blinked again and wiped her eyes. Things were getting clearer now; she was outside on the ground. She sat up quickly and looked around to see if anyone had seen her. When she looked around she didn’t recognize where she was, she rose to her feet and whipped her head back and forth trying to locate the voices she had heard.

She couldn’t see anyone so she looked for a trail to walk on; she saw a snowless path which she thought was odd because everything else was completely covered. She walked towards the path watching her step for rocks. She stepped on the dirt road feeling accomplished that she hadn’t fallen, “No not the path!” Lydia jolted around immediately hearing that squeaky girl voice that echoed in her head.

The End

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