Jillian M and the SnowmoundMature

Jillian wiped off the last of the traces of tears on her face. She steadied herself as she put on her winter coat. She was going to take a walk and then everything will be fine. She stepped outside into the bitter cold. The snow was fresh on the ground and glistened happily. There were sets of footprints all over the snow.

One of them probably is Ian’s.

She immediately erased the thought from her head as tears started welling up in her eyes. She walked across the street and in a little while, she arrived at central park. There were snow ball fights going on all around the park already. Jillian took care not to get trapped in the center of a snowball fight as she walked through central park. She hated getting wet from snow and just the sole idea of getting hit with a ball of ice, even if it’s not that compact was so disgusting to her.

She was walking when suddenly she heard a loud voice.


Jillian looked up and saw someone just about to throw a snowball in her general direction. She freaked and leapt into a nearby snow mound, swallowing a bunch of snow in the process.

Oh! Stupid teenage boys!

She cursed at them mentally. She got up from the ground dusting as much snow as she could off of her but a lot got under her winter coat. She could feel her sweater getting wet.

This fucking sucks.

She was definitely very pissed. Before she could react, a large snowball slammed into her gut and she was sent flying back into the snow mound. She groaned and curled up into a ball. Suddenly, the snow fell from the mound and covered her up.

She couldn’t get out.

The End

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