Mary in the Tollbooth: Spark on the WallMature

Mary feasted her way through her food using her best silverware and sitting properly as if she were eating with the president or someone of equal importance. The food took a long time to eat as she felt the need to chew 20 times per mouthful each time before she swallowed. when she finally finished the small portion of food she had, she turned her gaze towards the Hershey kiss. It sat there luring her in. She stared at if for a while and it almost seemed to glare back at her with just as much intensity. Suddenly she grabbed it, tore off the wrapper and stuffed it in her mouth where she savored the sweet taste of cocoa and sugar wrapped in milk. She swallowed and happiness started bubbling in her stomach. It was a sweet feeling. She giggled a little.

As Mary sat there, she looked at the wrapper of the Hershey kiss and noticed the formation of a small spark. It floated up from the wrapper and landed on her nose before it flew up again. Mary tried to catch it. It dodged her grasps gracefully. She giggled. This was fun.

Mary got out of her chair and started chasing the little spark. It lead her out of the apartment and into the street. She ran after it, laughing and screaming with joy. Everyone she passed stared at her as if she was drunk. She wasn’t. She knew she wasn’t. And she didn’t care if they thought she was. Chasing the spark was fun. Why should she stop to conform to society? It floated down the street and turned into a desolate alleyway. Mary entered the alleyway and watched at the little spark landed on the wall. She was going to get it.

Mary got into a ready position and crept up to the wall. She pounced and cupped her hands ready to trap the spark. Suddenly, just as she pounced, the spark sunk into the wall and she fell on the wall too. The wall seemed to be made of air and Mary fell through into nothingness.

Ouch was the last thing she remembered saying.

The End

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