Lydia and the Walk to Nowhere. cont...4Mature

Her small studio apartment wasn’t too far from the library just through the park so she walked. Snow started to fall though instead of sticking to the ground it turned into slush and puddles on the ground.

About halfway home Lydia heard a bark, she turned to see a small beagle running after her. Lydia looked around to see if there were any people, it was empty. When the dog got to her feet she crouched down and pet him, “Hey there cutie? What’re you doing out here all alone?” The dog barked and ran in circles.

“Let me just check and see if you have a tag.” Lydia reached for the dogs tag but didn’t get a look because the dog started running. “Hey wait!” Lydia called after the dog.

She sighed then started running after it dodging puddles, “Wait! Stop running away!” She could still see the dog but he didn’t stop.

Lydia tried to run faster but her feet landed right into a large puddle, “Aww poop.” She pouted then tried to lift her feet out. But she couldn’t move them; they felt like they were made out of huge weights. She felt a tingling sensation coming up from her toes to her knees all the way up. Lydia fell landing just out the puddle, Lydia yawned but tried pulling her feet that were starting to freeze out the water. Her hands fell flat on the floor they were now as heavy as her feet. Lydia yawned again and this time she lay her back down on to the wet floor.

She couldn’t lift her body so she just stared up at the falling snow, she didn’t know what was going on but she was scared which meant she wanted to see only one persons face, but deep down she knew that wouldn’t happen. Her eyes began to feel heavy and slowly shut, well not before one tear fall from her eye. Then it was all black and she fell into a deep sleep.

The End

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