Lydia and the Walk to Nowhere.cont...3Mature

Lydia looked shocked she wasn’t expecting this even if it was just a piece of candy. “Rosalina you don’t have to…”

            Rosalina spoke cutting her off, “I insist.” She pulled Lydia’s hand and dropped the Kiss in it then left.

            “Well that was sweet.” Kate said looking at her around the monitor.

            “Yea, but really unexpected.” Lydia said unsure if she should eat it or not.

            Kate turned back to her computer and pressed few keys then spoke. “Get use to it the people who come here are really sweet.”

            Lydia had to get use to other people’s kindness, from where she grew up it was nothing like that. She had made the decision to move; only sometimes did she regret it like when she sat up late watching survivor man and movies alone.

Kate got up from her seat and walked towards the coat rack. Lydia looked at her wrist watch, it was 7:50p.m just about closing time. She walked over to her coat which was on the rack with all the others. There were no other visitors in the library so Lydia sat down.

Dave walked up to her, “So, what are you doing tomorrow night?” Lydia looked up at him, Dave was a nice guy but she wasn’t ready, not yet.

“Uh I have to study for the return test on the third.” Lydia stood up and put on her baby pink peacoat. She wrapped the scarf around her neck then sat and waited for 8:00 to come.

“Oh, um would you like to come out with us for some coffee to prep for studying?” Dave asked; this guy was persistent.

“Who will be there?” Lydia asked just to be kind, if it was a work thing she just might go.

“Kate, Bella, Trent and Alex, and me.” Dave said with his hands in his jacket pocket.

“I'll try and be there if I get a chance.” Lydia said popping the kiss into her mouth.

Dave smiled then said, “Alright, I'll see ya.”

Lydia rose from her seat, “Bye guys.” She said waving back at everyone, then stepped out into the cold December air.

The End

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