Lydia and the Walk to Nowhere. cont...2Mature

Lydia brought up the search engine for our other library branches and searched for Proposal, when a match showed up she clicked order. “Ok I ordered Proposal for you it should be here in about five days maybe less, we will send a letter to your address when it arrives.” Rosalina smiled she was standing by the front desk now.

            “I have another book in mind.” Rosalina said as she shifted her body to lean on the cane.

            “Oh ok what is it? I can search it up now.” Lydia said getting ready to type.

            “A hat book.” Rosalina said trying to enunciate.

            “What kind of hat book do you have in mind?” Lydia said wondering how she was going to search it up.

            “No no not hat book, cat book.” Rosalina clarified.

            “Oh. I'm so sorry I didn’t understand.” Lydia said rising from her seat embarrassed, “That’d be in the animal section right this way.” Lydia walked by Dave who was smirking a thing he did that made her feel uncomfortable.

            She walked Rosalina to the animal section and showed her the options which were Cat Care, Cat Breeds, Cat Diet and Cat Mating. Rosalina decided to take all of them so Lydia walked her back to the front counter and handed the books to Kate she scanned them and Rosalina’s card and then she was done.

            Rosalina stopped and looked at Lydia, “Thank you so much for your help.” She reached into her sweater pocket and pulled out a Hershey’s Kiss, “I'm sorry this is all I have to thank you with please take it.”

The End

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