Lydia and the Walk to Nowhere. cont...1Mature

“Right this way.” Lydia rested her hand on Rosalina’s slightly hunched shoulder. Lydia watched her step as Rosalina’s cane pressed down to the floor at each step. They stopped at the romance section and Rosalina squinted at titles then gave up. “Is there anything specific that you are looking for?” Lydia asked.

            “Si, si, uh Proposal, Last Kiss, and Beth’s Secret Wish.” Rosalina said enunciating her words.

            Lydia searched the shelves for the books but couldn’t find any of them, “I’m sorry Rosalina we don’t have those books currently, I can check the system to see if they were rented out or see if I can order from another library.”

            “Oh that would be so kind of you,” Rosalina said. They walked to the front desk where Kate and Dave were seated chatting about the new book shipment.

            “Just stay here while I check ok?” Lydia gave her a friendly smile and when Rosalina nodded she walked around the desk. “Hey can I use a computer for a few seconds.”

            “Sure.” Dave said getting off his seat and motioned for her to sit.

            “Thank you.” Lydia said flashing a smile then taking a seat. She did what she was taught to do to get to the search engine then she typed the each title in. Afterwards she looked at Rosalina who had taken a seat in a nearby chair, “Okay Rosalina, Last Kiss, and Beth’s Secret Wish have been taken out but they are due to be back in a week and a half so January fourth you can come and pick them up, as for Proposal we have not received that book in this library so I am going to check another one for you.”

The End

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