Lydia and the Walk to Nowhere.Mature

“Hello there can I help you find anything?” Lydia said rocking on the balls of her feet, something she did when she was nervous, it was a thing she hadn’t noticed she did till it was pointed out by a significant other years ago. This time she noticed and she stopped throwing on a smile instead.

            This was Lydia’s first week working at the library, she was working the register earlier that week then her boss decided to see if she could work the floor, so here she was standing in front of a visitor.

            The lady was older and by older she meant in her mid-fifties, she wore a long burgundy skirt and thick green tights with brown loafers and pulled it all together with a white knit sweater. The woman looked at Lydia and squinted then reached for the round glasses that hung by a string around her neck. She placed them and her nose then looked more at ease.

            “I’m Lydia Greene.” Lydia held out her hand and gave another friendly smile.

            The woman gave out a friendly smile and took her hand, “Rosalina Bush.” Her voice was heavy with a Spanish accent that Lydia had to listen carefully.

            “Well Rosalina is there anything I can help you find?” Lydia asked.

            The woman put her hand to her chin, “Oh yes dear, I seem to have forgotten where the romance section is.” She looked embarrassed and Lydia felt bad.

The End

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