Jillian M: Break-upMature

Jillian woke up to the blaring sound of her alarm clock. It had just snowed and the glare of the sun made her eyes hurt. She rolled over and slammed her fist feebly on the alarm clock. It refused to shut up.


She groaned and rolled over in her bed.

Stupid alarm clock...

She rubbed her eyes groggily and got up to inspect her stupid alarm clock. Where the hell was the stupid off button? After spending a minute trying to turn off the alarm clock, she threw it on the ground and pulled the plug out.

There goes another one.

Jillian changed and got dressed. Today was a Saturday so no work. Unless of course, there happens to be another “emergency” project that seems to come every weekend. There couldn’t be emergencies EVERY week....

Jillian stepped out of her bedroom. Jillian was a petite 26 year old. She had just graduated from college and got a job as a reporter in New York. She had a light brown hair cut neatly at her shoulders. Her eyes were light brown too, matching her hair perfectly. She had a soft complexion and seemed rather fragile. 

After she had moved to New York, she rented a small apartment with her boyfriend. It was a cozy little place with whiteish-grayish floorboards and colorful spotted wallpaper. She didn’t have too much stuff and she didn’t have the money the buy too much furniture, so the place stayed uncluttered, which fit Jillian’s taste just fine.

Jillian walked over to make breakfast and sat down at her dining table, the only table still neatly arranged in the house. She took a look and saw a box of chocolates on the table along with a card. It had her name written on it.

That’s interesting... Ian never leaves surprises...

She picked up the card. It did look like her boyfriend’s handwriting. She opened it and read it.

Dear my sweet Jillian,

I am so sorry to tell you this but I must leave you. My heart is with someone else now and continuing our relationship will only hurt both of us. Don’t look for me. I am most likely out of the country by now. I prospect to travel to Italy and start a restaurant. Please don’t feel bad. I didn’t want to hurt you. I know you like to eat when you’re upset so I bought this box of chocolates for you. Please don’t cry too much.

Your sweet love,


Jillian stared at the card for a long time shocked at the sudden news. She knew that their relationship and been rocky but she didn’t think this would happen! Counseling was suppose to solve it all.... Wasn’t it?

Jillian sank down into her chair with tears streaming down her face. She ripped open the box and stuffed her face with chocolates. She balled up the wrappers and threw them along with the box at a picture of Ian and her across the room. The picture was knocked off the wall and fell shattered on the ground along with the scattered wrappers of Hershey Kisses.

The End

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