William Speedy Paperboy: The FallMature

Will was biking home frantically and for once excited. He had never been so excited for something ever in his life. For once, he could use his money, even though it was all of his savings, towards a beneficial cause. And it was for his friends too. Maybe life was going to be a little hard afterwards before he would get all that money back, but for now, nothing mattered. He took out a Hershey Kiss from his pocket and popped it in his mouth, dropping the wrapper on the ground as he sped through the dry dirt road towards the town. As the Hershey Kiss melted into his mouth, he laughed out loud in excitement. Suddenly, his wheel hit a branch and he was sent flying across the road, landing face first into the ground. Oof!

Will groaned as he tried to sit up feeling dizzy. Blood dripped down his nose and there was a small cut on his forehead. Will looked back at the branch. Where did that thing come from? It was definitely not there when he had been biking to Joe’s house. Jeez.. He would have to be more careful next time and not try to attempt biking at speed of light again. He tried to get up but he felt abnormally weak. Shit. What was this? He couldn’t be so tired that he couldn’t even get up from a small fall! He pushed himself even harder but it was like he was glued to the ground. He groaned as he fell back to the ground. This was pathetic. He couldn’t even get himself to support his own body weight. He rolled over on the ground with the worst but only idea he could think of, sleep in the middle of the road. Maybe stupid, but it was the only one.

The End

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