Joe Carpenter: A Hershey KissMature

Joe was taken back by surprise.

“Are you sure? I mean if you really like it, I can just give it to you.”

“No no no no no,” Will exclaimed. “I can’t just do that! That would be like stealing!”

“But your my friend!”

“I’m going to use all of my savings to buy this.” He said in a resolute tone. He was so absolutely determined Joe could only shake his head in helplessness.

“Well if your going to buy it, don’t you need to bring in all of your savings?”

“So your agreeing?” The boy’s eyes lit up.

“I didn’t say that.” Joe tried to deny it, but it was obviously not convincing enough. The boy jumped up excited and hugged the old man. He ran out of the garage and hopped on his bike to ride away. But before he rode away, he ran back into the garage.

“Oops. Sorry. Forgot to give you this.” He tossed a small shiny thing into his hand and left. “Merry Christmas!” He yelled and left. Joe looked down at his hand. It was a Hershey kiss.

“Silly boy...” He turned to walked back to bench. “It’s not even Christmas.”

He opened the Hershey kiss and popped it in his mouth, throwing the wrapper on the table next to the butterfly. He plopped down on his bench and started reading his newspaper. Hmmm.... That was a really good Hershey Kiss... He thought as he opened up the newspaper.

The End

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